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PICS: Magic Johnson, Rita Ora, Tracy Morgan, 50 Cent

Former NBA star Magic Johnson was seen strolling through Saint-Tropez in the south of France with his wife Cookie Johnson, far left, and their daughter and Elise Johnson, right, while on holiday.

Yes, that’s Magic’s son, EJ, looking silly in short shorts and black knee high boots. Does he ever stop embarrassing his parents?

Rita Ora was seen leaving the ‘Live With Kelly’ studios in New York City on Tuesday. She knows how to take beautiful pictures, doesn’t she? The camera loves her!

Actor Tracy Morgan was spotted on set of ‘The Last O.G.’ filming in Brooklyn, NYC on Tuesday. He wore one of those hideous lacefront braid wigs popularized by balding rapper Tyga.

Poor Tracy sweated out his weave in the heat of the Brooklyn sun. A closer look at the paparazzi photos shows the lace netting clearly visible on Tracy’s forehead. Makeup artists used to follow stars around to touch up their makeup to prevent tragic photos like these from surfacing.

One day you’re walking down the street with your small children when rapper 50 Cent drives by in his luxury droptop Rolls Royce and makes eye contact with you. He makes a U-turn, pulls over to the curb, and tells you to hop in. You ask if the kids can ride with you. He says no, he hates kids.
Do you…
A. Say, “These aren’t my kids,” and hop in?
B. Tell your kids you’ll be right back?
C. Call your sister and tell her to pick up your kids?

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